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Two years ago I bought a home, and with it, a promise of future lessons to learn. As a child of New York City, we begged and bribed our apartment’s superintendent for repairs. Now as an adult in the burbs, it’s my responsibility to repel the jungle that my lawn aspires to become. The Tarzan lifestyle ain’t my thang.

We cherish the iconic status and achievement of owning land in our culture, and landscaping is likely the prime expression of that value. My old boss really embodied that ideal:

He was British, posh, and the General Manager of a large…

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We love the tech nerd. They’re our heroes who unlock the locked and dole out the gadgets. From James Bond to HBO’s Silicon Valley, we celebrate the utility of technology and their creators.

At odds with that sentiment, coders/techies/hackers are frequently portrayed with poor social skills. They’re rarely the main hero of a movie. They seem so cool, but are totally not cool at the same time.

The film industry has their bag of tech nerd archetypes that they’ve popularized. Here are a few you should recognize:

  • The vitamin D deficient middle aged man who lives out of his grandma’s…

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Few things in life are as irritating as waiting 10 seconds for your web page to load in 2020. We aren’t cave men on dial-up internet. You’re on a 200 Mbps connection and a shiny new laptop, but that GIF of a cat petrified of a cucumber still won’t load.

The most human reaction is to blame your computer. “Stupid computer can’t load a stupid GIF. I knew I should have gotten a Mac”, while the Mac user wishes he didn’t overpay and could have had a PC for the same slow experience.

While that was a fair reaction to…

If you’ve never heard of Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Superman in today’s culture, you’re so sheltered in-place that you also didn’t notice we’re in quarantine too. These are societal staples that have sparked our imagination growing up, allowing us to entertain the “what if it was real” thoughts in our day dreams, and allowing us to escape the mundane.

While we very much hold dear to our love for alternate universes and their novel super powers, it’s quite natural not to share the same admiration for skills we can develop in our own universe. So many of us will…

Meyer Lobl

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